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I began my legal career as a prosecutor in the Ninth Judicial Circuit serving Osceola County and Orange County. During that time, I handled over 2,000 cases and gained a deep insight into how the prosecution tries a case. In 1988, I entered private practice and put my years of experience into defending persons accused of crimes. I am goal-oriented. I have found that an aggressive defense is the best initial approach. The key is an intelligent plan, well-executed.

 Former Prosecutor
 Over 30 Years Experience in Osceola County
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5 Star Review on

My husband was faced with a felony Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon. He was facing prison. From our first conversation, I decided to hire Mr. Tinsley. Mr Tinsley aggressively defended my husband every step of the way. He knew exactly how to take apart the State's case got all charges dismissed. We will be forever grateful.

J and J
5 Star Review on Google

I was falsely arrested in Orange County and as a single mom told easier to just take a probation plea. I sat in Osceola county jail for two weeks before an attorney could get me a bond hearing and transfer my case. Mr. Steve Tinsley had my case transferred within days and then proved in Orange County I was innocent all along. Other attorneys said nothing they could do til i was transferred. Mr. Tinsley is an aggressive attorney that fights for your legal rights and quickly responds to you as if you are his only client. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and he is affordable compared to some attorneys.

Rachel Cintron
5 Star Review on

When I made a mistake and was charged with DUI I did not know where to turn. My family hired Mr. Tinsley on the recommendation of a friend. He not only helped me avoid jail, he got all charges dropped. I will be forever grateful to him.

Cleared of DUI
5 Star Review on Martindale Hubbell

When my son got in trouble, I did not know where to turn. Mr. Tinsley is not only an outstanding attorney, he genuinely cares for his clients. He helped our family get our life back. He was effective, professional, and he got the job done. I cannot praise him highly enough.

Son Cleared of Charges
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Tinsley Criminal Defense Practice Areas

DUI/DUI Manslaughter

Traffic crimes, DWLS, fleeing and eluding

Sex Crimes

Child pornography, prostitution, crimes against children

Drug Crimes

Sales, delivery, and/or possession; trafficking


Robbery, burglary, fraud, home invasion

Domestic Violence

Spousal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse

Weapons Charges

Unlawful possession, use, or display of a weapon

Juvenile Crimes

Minor children charged with a crime

Property Damage

Arson, vandalism, malicious trespass

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