About Us

Steven Tinsley Steven Tinsley is a former prosecutor and has more than 25 years of experience in the practice of criminal law. He began his career in 1986 as an Assistant State Attorney and he has made the practice of criminal law the primary focus of his career for the last 25+ years. As a prosecutor, he first spent nearly two years learning how to build prosecution cases and as a private criminal defense attorney he has spent over 23 years learning how to take them apart. The Tinsley Criminal Defense Team is wholly devoted to the defense of people accused of crimes.

The Team is well aware that a person in need of its services is usually in the fight of his/her life. Making the right decision when deciding which attorney to lead your fight is almost as serious as choosing the right cancer doctor (granted cancer will kill you and being prosecuted usually will not, but keep in mind that after a few years in prison that distinction becomes increasingly academic) . Deciding which attorney is going to fight your case, attack the evidence against you and defend your life is the type of decision you want to get right the first time.  Bring your family when you meet with Steven Tinsley.  Put him on the spot.  Challenge him.  After all, if he is going to be fighting your case, he should be able to handle the family.  Ask yourself, ‘Is he telling it like it is or is he just telling me what he knows I want to hear?”

Steven Tinsley is proud to be a member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He takes his responsibility seriously. He likes most of his clients and he is not a good loser. Steve Tinsley realizes that each case is different but the goal is always the same. Protecting the client is the first and only priority. Call Steven Tinsley for an aggressive and intelligent defense.